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Less Than 15% Ground Coverage =
Lots Of Open & Green Spaces

A luxury lifestyle that's Carefree! Indulge in a relaxing lifestyle set amidst beautifully landscaped central lawn and open spaces. Spend more time with family and friends and take pleasure in your favourite hobbies.

50ft High Iconic Water Bodies

At TDI Mohali, 50 ft high iconic water bodies will surely take you above the chaos of life. Spend your summer evenings in abundant sweep of greenery and revive your senses near these beautiful creations.

Welcoming Entrance Lobbies

Elegant double volume entrance lobby with soaring ceilings, wall paneling and attractive columns is exquisitely appointed with lounge seating, reception area, mail box facility and kids zone. The classic interiors of the lobby provide an experience of old world charm and exude a feeling of "Welcome Home." This is how it should be. And, this is how it is when you enter the lobby at TDI Mohali, envisioned for you, your neighbours and your guests by Tdi City.

Round - The-Clock Multi-Tier Security You Require

Your home at TDI Mohali has multi-level security systems:
Surveillance with CCTV cameras on the periphery of the complex, entrance & exit points and at individual building lobby level.
Access control lift lobbies at basement level to prohibit unauthorized entry.

For Even Better Convenience A Shopping Centre And A Nursery School

As a part of an integrated development, the TDI Mohali residential complex will have a Convenience Shopping Centre and a Nursery School as well.

The Environment You Desire. The Green Living You Deserve
  • Rain Water Harvesting.
  • Solar Panel for Water Heating & Street Lighting.
  • Sewage Treatment Plant to Treat & Recycle Waste Water.
  • Use of CFL Bulbs & Light Fittings for Power Conservation.
  • Use of Low Sulphur Diesel in DG Sets.
  • Discharge of DG Smoke Above the Building Height.
  • Composting of Organic Garbage to be Used as Manure for Gardening.
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